Gunite Application

Gunite is a high strength, cementitious liner that provides structural support and fire proofing while ensuring protection against rock weathering in severe conditions. For use on overcasts, seals and bulkheads, it upholds an airtight seal.
gunite in mining
Professional Products

Gunite is a dry cement mix, sprayed at high pressure though a nozzle and mixed with water at the nozzle. These mix-ratios are very significant to the performance of the final product, so a well trained, experienced operator is imperative to the success of the project.

Strata offers the materials, chemicals and structural fibers for all construction projects above and underground.

Shotcrete and specialty materials sourced by US Concrete Products. USCP produces high performance concretes, repair products, grouts and shotcretes for commercial applications.

Admixtures and structural fibers sourced by GCP and include:

  • Water reducers
  • Plasticizers
  • Hydration Control
  • Accelerators

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