Wet-Mix Shotcrete

Strata's Wet-Mix Shotcrete provides a safer, more time-efficient alternative for covering underground mine surfaces and constructing ventilation structures. Pumping from the surface allows crews to perform the work with minimal interference to mining operations.
A Cleaner, Safer Solution

Strata's Wet-Mix Shotcrete offers significant advantages over both dry-mix concrete and gunite.

Dry-mix solutions create great amounts of dust that can have negative effects on the health and safety of individuals working in the vicinity. Dust from dry mix can also cause problems with a mine's ventilation system.

Strata's Wet-Mix Shotcrete offers a dust-free solution that can be pumped from the surface. A single nozzle operator needs to be underground, allowing mining operations to continue with little disruption. Additionally, Wet-Mix Shotcrete can be applied almost twice as fast as traditional dry mix.


Wet-Mix Shotcete being mixed using a metal strainer
Wet-Mix Shotcete Mixing
Designed for Long-Distance Pumping

The unique mix design of Strata's Wet-Mix Shotcrete allows for pumping over long distances. Pumping from the surface eliminates the need for costly, hard-to-find instrinsically safe wet pumps.

Pumping from the surface also eliminates the risk for nozzleman error. Crews on the surface monitor quality levels, providing a more consistent and reliable application.

Wet-Mix Shotcete Equipment