Cluster Prop

Cluster Prop is a high-capacity, high yielding timber roof support formed by combining three Strata Propsetters®. The combined yield strength is greater than three individual Propsetters, with the benefit of added stability.
strata cluster prop
Cluster Prop Performance

Suitable for seam heights up to 12 feet, Cluster Prop is available in three capacity options:

  • Cluster 7”: Up to 100 ton capacity
  • Cluster 8.5": Up to 150 ton capacity
  • Cluster 10": Up to 250 ton capacity

Cluster Prop provides stable deformation in excess of 18 inches and can be used with the Strata Hydrocell to achieve active pre-loading. 

Transporting Cluster Prop in clusters improves haulage productivity up to 70% compared to other roof support products. Custom packaging is also available to optimize transport.

Cluster Prop is one of the lowest installed cost roof support options on the market. It is ideal for replacing nine-point and pumpable crib supports.

Cluster Prop Yielding