The Sentro Wireless

The Sentro Wireless is a highly versatile, battery-powered gas detection unit that can also trigger external relays to monitor and control auxiliary equipment. It feeds real-time readings and reports back to dispatch over StrataConnect communications networks.
Strata TX6355 Sentro Wireless Detector

Strata’s MSHA Intrinsically Safe approved wireless and battery-powered gas detection system removes the expense and labor associated with setup and maintenance of wired infrastructures. It measures toxic and explosive gases during day-to-day operations and reports data wirelessly back to dispatch. 

In emergency situations, power or ventilation loss, the battery-powered units remain fully operational. They enter Warning/Alert mode and stream data continuously back to the surface where mine operators receive immediately notification and real-time monitoring of the situation.


StrataConnect wireless gas detection
StrataConnect wireless gas detection

The Sentro eModule is the intelligent standardized gas sensing module in the Sentro Wireless. There are  various options for detecting a number of different gases at different concentrations. Simple exchange of the eModule and auto-reconfiguration of the device switches the unit between gases. The wireless units are powered by commercially available D-cell batteries which can be quickly exchanged on site and provide 35-40 days of continual service.

The Sentro Wireless unit is built with dual-wall housing giving it maximum impact strength and protection against dust and moisture to IP65. An LCD display provides clear information with direct on-screen instructions. 

MSHA Approval #18-A150002-0

Combustible eModules Toxic Gases eModules
  • CH4 0-100% LEL
  • CH4 0-5% v/v
  • CH4 0-100% v/v
  • IR LED Technology
  • Low Power Consumption
  • CO: 0-500ppm
  • H2S: 0-50ppm
  • SO2: 0-20ppm
  • NO2: 0-20ppm
  • CI: 0-10ppm
  • O2: 0-25%
  • NO : 0-200ppm
  • H2: 0-1000ppm


replacing emodules
Quick exchange of eModule sensors

Sentro Wireless units can be used to monitor atmospheric conditions such as air temperature, pressure and humidity. It can measure air and gas flow with an air flow sensor and can be used to monitor and control other equipment such as pumps and ventilation fans.

Two-way communication for remote command and control

  • Device On/Off
  • Reading and setting I/O
  • Manipulate thresholds
  • Alarm activation/deactivation
Sentro Vortex Wireless Air/Gas Flow Meter