High strength and cut-able steel-fiber reinforced concrete roof supports that provide up to 8 inches of stable deformation.
Cribpac concrete roof supports
Cribpac yielding under load
Cribpac yielding under load

The E.Dillon Cribpac is uniquely designed to offer various height and strength capabilities to suit customer requirements. Reinforced concrete donut blocks are layered in packs of 4, 5 and 6 and have an insert of plywood for easy mechanical handling. The concrete layers and plywood are bound with metal binding and wrapped in plastic. Two Cribpacs can be stacked for higher seam heights.

As a concrete roof support, Cribpac offers high load capacities up to 400 tons and is safe for use in "mine-through" applications.

  • High support capacity, “cut-able,” yielding
  • Designed for application where moderate yield is required
  • Steel-fiber reinforced concrete donuts, layered in packs
  • Plywood inserted between layers 1 and 2 for easy mechanical handling
  • Wrapped in plastic for increased stability and minimal shifting
  • Wood headboard and footboards provide added yield
Cribpac packaging
Cribpac packaging
  • Mine-through areas in longwall panels
  • Pre-driven recovery rooms
  • Pillar extraction areas
  • Areas requiring high volume and high capacity supports



  • Fully “cut-able”
  • Stable yield
  • Reduce time for longwall move
  • Easy install with scoop, forklift, mini-trac
  • Resistant to atmospheric deterioration
  • Will not shrink, rot or rust



  • Support capacities up to 400 tons
  • Heights:
    • 30” – 4 layer
    • 38” – 5 layer
    • 46” – 6 layer
  • Two packs can be stacked for higher seam heights
  • 18” diameter donut blocks