The Link-N-Lock™ System is designed to improve mine safety by replacing four and nine-point cribs in mine ceiling heights up to sixteen feet. It is a support system of interlocking timber blocks stacked in layers. Their interlocking capabilities create 100% contact between the layers, thereby increasing strength and stability as the unit length increases.
Coal Miner Puts Together the Timber Link-N-Lock Roof Support Structure
Link-N-Lock Timber Roof Support Awaits Delivery Outside at Strata Facility
Link-N-Lock Timber Roof Support Delivery
Support with up to 50% Less Wood

The Link-N-Lock System is timber efficient, using 100% of the wood for roof support. Because it is so efficient, a crib built with Link-N-Lock uses up to 50% less wood for the same support strength as a four-point crib.

Each Link-N-Lock is smaller, lighter and easier to handle than conventional crib blocks, which results in significant savings in material handling, productivity, labor and transport, as well as reduction of lost time accidents. The unique interlocking mechanism provides added stability, allowing higher aspect ratios than conventional cribbing. The Link-N-Lock can be used with our line of PACKSETTER™ Pre-Stressing Devices or with wedges.

Like all Strata Products systems, the Link-N-Lock System is engineered using select specie timber. Coupled with our manufacturing process, this guarantees uniform size and predictable performance.

Link-N-Lock Timber Roof Support System Installed Undergound
Link-N-Lock Timber Roof Support Underground
Dependable Performance

The Strata Link-N-Lock System provides exceptional support.

  • The longer the unit length, the stronger the Link-N-Lock crib
  • Made from selected single specie
  • Consistent, predictable performance