The Link-N-Lock™ System is an interlocking timber-block support that stacks to the roof in layers. The interlocking design creates 100% contact between the layers, thereby utilizing 100% of the timber strength capacity and increasing strength and stability as the unit length increases.
Timber Link-N-Lock Roof Support Structure
Support with up to 50% Less Wood

The Link-N-Lock System is timber efficient, using 100% of the wood for roof support. Because it is so efficient, a crib built with Link-N-Lock uses up to 50% less wood for the same support strength as a four-point crib. The unique interlocking design provides added stability, allowing the crib to support higher entry heights.


Link-N-Lock storage

The Strata Link-N-Lock System provides exceptional support.

  • The longer the unit length, the stronger the Link-N-Lock crib
  • Made from selected single specie
  • Consistent, predictable performance
Link-N-Lock Timber Roof Support