strata propsetters
Timber Roof Supports

Timber Roof Supports


The Propsetter® System is a standing support system combining the stiffness of a prop with a built-in yield zone. This yield zone enables the prop to safely deform under load.


  • Head/Maingate, tailgate, and bleeder support
  • Cross cut/Cut Thru and intersection stabilization
  • Supplementary support
  • Longwall shield recovery
  • Breaker line support for pillar extraction
  • Belt line rehabilitation and support
  • Ventilation seal protection 


strata propsetters
Cluster Prop™

Cluster Prop is a high-capacity, high yielding timber roof support formed by combining three Strata Propsetters. The combined yield strength is greater than three individual Propsetters, with the benefit of added stability.


  • Headgate, tailgate & bleeder support
  • Intersection and X-CutStabilization
  • Longwall shield recovery

The unit can be installed mechanically with a grab or Strata Products Prophandler®. No dedicated mine equipment is required.



The Link-N-Lock™ System is designed to improve mine safety by replacing four and nine-point cribs in mine ceiling heights up to sixteen feet (5 metres). It is a support system of interlocking timber blocks stacked in layers. Their interlocking capabilities create 100% contact between the layers, thereby increasing strength and stability as the unit length increases.


  • Longwall gate and bleeder support
  • Areas requiring high capacity support
  • Areas with high ceiling heights – 10+ feet / 3 metres


link-n-lock installation

Lock-N-Load™ is an adjustable timber support prop available in a variety of lengths. Two feet of adjustability eliminates the need for cutting or trimming.


  • Temporary Support
  • Support for ventilation curtain
  • Formwork


Lock-n-load installation