To capitalize on the wealth of data collected by HazardAvert, Strata has developed HazardLink to deliver safety and productivity data wirelessly to a user interface at the mine surface.
Coal miner underground shining a flashlight on Continuous Miner drilling tool
HazardAvert Tracking Display Pod with mulit-colored lights
HazardAvert Tracking Display Pod
Real-Time Safety & Productivity Data

The HazardAvert system is continuously monitoring interactions between two pieces of machinery and between any miner and piece of machinery. HazardLink was developed to transmit that information directly to a user interface at the surface of the mine. The data is transmitted wirelessly through CommTrac. Data such as which zones were breached and for how long, or which machines were shut down and for how long.

With the data operations can conduct focused training sessions, as well as accurate time studies related to safety and productivity.

CommTrac easy installation
CommTrac easy installation

All HazardAvert systems are equipped with HazardLink. For mines already running the Strata CommTrac communications system, a simple addition of the HazardAvert machine information is made to the CommTrac server.  For mines without Strata CommTrac, a quick and easy installation of battery-powered wireless Communication Nodes is required to relay the data to the first point of Ethernet connectivity, along with the placement of a CommTrac Server in the mine office.